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Old barn north of Trempealeau, Wisconsin 

You Say Drinking Fountain,
We Say Bubbler
A guide to the unique vocabulary and pronunciations of Wisconsin.  Why don't you come with?  We'll have you talking about stop 'n go lights, flatlanders, and happy music in no time flat.

Brats, Wisconsin's Soul Food
Your guide to bratwurst, the best-tasting sausage in the universe.  Discover bratwurst recipes, techniques for grilling bratwurst, and recipes for authentic side dishes.  Learn what we really mean when we say "boil brats" or "brat fry".

The Wisconsin Recipe Pages
Bratwurst is not the only Wisconsin delight eh?  This page celebrates Wisconsin food with recipes for all of the classic dishes.  Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup, Door County Fish Boil, State Fair Cream Puffs, and more.

Small Town Wisconsin
So close to Chicago...and yet so far away.  Know the cultural quirks before you visit.

Sometimes, bratwurst is eaten without beer (a/k/a bratwash).  Our friend Kevin talks about those other times.  Kevin's favorite beer links are on the page.  Find Wisconsin breweries, micro-breweries, brewpubs, and tips for enjoying beer.  See Kevin's message to Webster's to demand that they put "bratwash", the term we have coined, in their dictionary. 

Random Ramblings & Links
This page is like a pot of booyah.  We threw a bunch of ideas and links together and let them simmer.  Once in awhile, we stir it up.  Stay current on news from Wisconsin and the world.  Laugh.  Read our blatherings on a plethora of topics.  Discover links to sites that will help you learn about the English language, geneology, logic, national issues, tourist destinations, and much much more. 

About the Bratwurst Pages
We've been asked to explain ourselves.  We'll try.

Oom Pah Pah (Let's Polka)
These days, polka music and dancing is more prevalent in Wisconsin than it is in Germany.  Go figure.

Regional and World Food
A broad category of recipes from beyond the borders of Wisconsin, narrowed down to those we've prepared, tasted, and declared divine.
















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